My name is Ellen van der Meulen


Born in Amsterdam on the 14th of March 1959.

Part of a family with 9 children, my brother and me were born as twins we are the youngest of the family. We were educated with art, art was important and enriching our lives. As a child my mother took me many times to the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art here in Amsterdam, we spend there hour and hours, and I liked it very much. And unforgettable are the visits to studio of my uncle Pieter Geraerdts, he was a painter, that is the place where I got infected with the smell of oil paint.

He still inspires me very much because of the way he used to work and his technique.


I am a self made painter, without education, I follow my feelings when I am painting, and that feels great in my expression, not limited by rules when I paint.


Freedom !


Since we have our house in Volterra I start working from there,

an Italian / Dutch mix.



- Florence Biennale 2009

- Solo Exhibition

Grote Kerk Edam The Netherlands 2009

- Miami Basel 2010 USA

- London Biennale 2012 United Kingdom

(Awarded 2nd prize best painter)

- Milano World Expo 2015

- Volterra (Italy) 2018 Volterragusto


Hilversum The Netherlands several exhibitions during the years

I had my studio there, between 2008 – 2017


Coming soon.....


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