My way to make your house seen.

Potential buyers are very sensitive for the right atmosphere in the house, they like to imagine the functionality of their possible new home. Lumber rooms do not fit in the ideal picture they have in mind. That is why I give every single room a clear function, to show what the options are.

I look at the project through the eyes of the buyer.

Most important are the sightlines, to show the space in the house, by replacing furniture and take it out in some cases, I create an open view. In my proposal / advise I will come up with ideas and suggestions to achieve the optimal look and feel to sell the house.

In some cases, we advise to take out all the furniture, to give the house a completely new look.

After I have seen the property, I come up with a plan to improve the sales possibilities of the house together with a budget.

Advise to invest first in the property can be part of it, so my plan may include suggestions for renovations, maintenance and painting when needed in my opinion.

After I leave you can be assured your property will get full attention on FUNDA, potential buyers will be triggered to come to see the house.



I am experienced to help clients to make their property ready for a successful sale.

With a fresh look on you house I come to solutions. Everything is possible, to begin with a styling advise consult up to a complete make-over. I take care to create the right balance, look and feel for your house.

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